U.S. Presidential: Serial defeats for Donald Trump’s lawsuits

 U.S. Presidential: Serial defeats for Donald Trump’s lawsuits

It’s not getting any better for the American president. On Friday, Donald Trump’s campaign suffered three more setbacks in court over appeals filed to challenge the November 3 election results. Increasingly isolated, the U.S. President advocated his supporters to mobilize throughout the usa this weekend to undertaking joe biden’s victory.

In Michigan on Friday, a judge refused to block certification of the results, noting that observers challenging the vote tabulation “did not attend a meeting on October 29” where the process was explained.

In Arizona, Donald Trump’s attorneys were forced to withdraw their lawsuit, which had no chance of succeeding in Maricopa County, Phoenix. The day before, many witnesses had admitted that they were “not sure” that their votes had not been counted.

In Pennsylvania, finally, a court ruled that accepting late ballots was not unconstitutional. However, The u.S. supreme court docket has yet to rule in this point. However even if those ballots have been rejected, joe biden’s lead, which exceeds 40,000 votes, have to be enough

Donald Trump persists

On Thursday and Friday, the U.S. president accused Dominion Voting Systems, which powers voting machines in 28 states, of “erasing 2.7 million pro-Trump votes in the country. But he was immediately disavowed by the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). According to the latter, the election was “the safest” ever held, with “no sign” of hacking or accidentally changed votes.

However, next week could mark a turning point in its challenge strategy, as Georgia was expected to have completed its recount, with certification of its results expected on November 20.

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