U.S. Presidential election (D-Day): Can Donald Trump make the polls lie again?

Can Donald Trump make the polls lie again?...inthelatest.com

U.S. Presidential election (D-Day): Can Donald Trump make the polls lie again?

Will the us say “you’re fired” to donald trump or offer him a second time period? After 18 months of an intense campaign disrupted by Covid-19, it is time for the verdict of the ballot boxes. Americans are voting this Tuesday, or rather continue to vote, while nearly 100 million people have already cast their ballots via early voting.

Joe Biden is the favorite, with a lead of about 7 points nationally that has remained constant in the polls. But the spectre of 2016 and the surprise defeat of Hillary Clinton remains in everyone’s memory, and a surprise is not excluded.

To win, Donald Trump needs to keep all the swing states in the South (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Arizona) and hold on to Pennsylvania at all costs. And the duel promises to be close there, while the gap has narrowed to a narrow 2.5 point lead for Joe Biden, according to the RealClearPolitics poll average. It is within the margin of error, and very close to the last barometer of Hillary Clinton (+1.9), and the Democratic candidate had disillusioned, bowing by a few tens of thousands of votes.

Will we know the winner this evening? Nothing can be taken for granted. Florida should have completed its count before 11 p.m. (5 a.m. Wednesday, Paris time), and a victory for Joe Biden would knock out the U.S. president. If Donald Trump wins, then we would probably have to wait for Pennsylvania’s verdict, which we might not know until Friday.

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