The Laws of Attraction Work For You

The Laws of Attraction Work For You

 The Laws of Attraction Work For You

The laws of attraction are among the most wonderful concepts one can learn. When you are first exposed to these concepts, and really gain an understanding of them, it is an exhilarating feeling. Your world suddenly opens up and old barriers crumble in the wake of a new, unlimited, and powerful YOU. The laws of attraction are universal, and apply to all energy in existence, but the methods in their use vary as copiously as the individual minds which apply them.

“Like attracts like” and “what you give you receive” are simple and all-encompassing laws. But to ACHIEVE this means to know yourself with a deep and thorough understanding, while maintaining the correct focus on the objective at hand. Specific techniques must be employed to sustain any real success, and what may work wondrously for one person, may bring about minimal results for another. This is normal and actually a good thing. For it guarantees ownership of ones own mind and emotional being, thereby enforcing the mental maturity of the individual, by virtue of necessity.
The first facet of the laws of attraction you need to learn is to feel grateful. Find what you are most grateful for and hone in on that feeling. Practice amplifying and extending that feeling into longer and longer durations. Each time more powerful feelings of thankfulness should be felt and consequently “sent” to the universe. Use those things you are grateful for to do this. A child’s embrace, a loved ones kiss, your favorite food, your post workout rush, being on your boat, a warm bed to sleep in, the list goes on and on. There are a million things you CAN feel grateful for at any given moment if you CHOOSE too. This “choosing” to shift your mental and emotional focus from what you don’t want such as work, boredom, anger, disappointment, and so on onto what you are most grateful for is what sets the laws of attraction into action. It puts your mind into the correct frame-work to send the positive creation signals to the universe. You must express your gratitude for what you love NOW for the universe to give you MORE of what you want later!

The commands you send to the universe are interpreted at face value. That is to say, there is no context involved. If you feel bad and as a result think bad thoughts which only intensifies your bad feelings, that is the signal you are sending out to the universe! Which in turn will GIVE BACK to you exactly what you have given, or to put another way, what you have REQUESTED. This is the reason your emotional well-being is far more valuable than you realize. The physical body heals when hurt but the emotional self has the potential to destroy the person if they lack control of their thoughts and feelings. When you allow others to “make” you feel a certain way you are surrendering your power to them and allowing them to control your future. For what you feel now you attract later. You must empower yourself with the freedom of self acceptance and self-esteem and take back control over your thoughts and feelings. Decide now to choose never to feel or allow someone to make you feel negativity again!

Through practice and study the laws of attraction will enlighten your view of the world around you. As you gain experience controlling your thoughts and manipulating your emotions you will begin to see amazing things happen. Strange coincidences and opportunities will come out of nowhere and fall right in your lap, completely in tune to what your focused mental effort had been projecting. Much more than mere “coincidence” can explain away. These events solidify and enhance your progress. They serve as bench-marks on your journey to your own created destiny.

It is important to have a guide, however, because in a world of limitless possibilities it is easy to wander from “want to want” without focusing enough attention on what you want most! Identify your most powerful feelings of desire and excitement and write down those things which make you feel the strongest feelings of positivity and gratitude. As often as you can, feel the gratitude for your top ranked desire as you would if you owned it now. Amplify those feelings, make them last longer and longer. Draw them out, write about them, go see them if you can, or plan what you’ll do when you receive them. Do all that you can to feel and own your desire in your mind and replace all negative feelings of lack with feelings of joy and gratitude. Do not worry as too HOW you will get it! Simply own it in your mind and express your love and gratitude for it to the universe. These signals will be received, they will be heard no matter what, and ALWAYS result in the circumstances and things that will give you those feelings coming back to you!

The laws of attraction work for everyone no matter what, every-time. They are universal and limitless. Whatever you spend the most time feeling, whether good or bad, will result in those feelings coming back to you guaranteed. The stronger you feel the emotion, the longer you feel it, and your belief determines how fast your desire shows up. If you choose to remain ignorant of the laws of attraction and feel whatever feelings “pop-up” in response to your circumstances, you choose to enslave your mind. To surrender your natural ability to live and feel as you choose and HOW you choose. Because you cannot turn off the laws of attraction. You cannot stop feeling, or thinking, or sending out brainwaves into the universe so long as you are alive. And if you spend your days feeling miserable, for whatever reasons, that is what you are asking of the universe. You must grow up mentally and take control of your thoughts. With this knowledge you have the power to overcome the direst of circumstances. You have the knowledge to change your life forever. To have whatever you want and be whatever person you can aspire to be.

Have the courage to believe in the laws of attraction. This chosen faith is the opposite belief system the majority of the world subscribes to unknowingly. That of fear, doubt, and worry. Each belief system is equally powerful and dependent on your energy. One will grant you true, never-ending happiness and fulfillment. The other will swallow your dreams and leave you hollow with only the echoes of bitterness, anger, and misery to keep you company. Whether you see the glass as half empty or half full, the sun falling or rising, the truth is always what you believe. And the choice will always be YOURS to make.

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