Secrets How to Make a Guy to Love You

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Secrets How to Make a Guy to Like You

Girls have the million dollar question on how to make a guy to fall for you. You know that it is not so easy to create the “spark” and get him fall for you instantly. In fact, you are not even sure whether he knows that you exist. Although there are many tricks to woo the man of your dreams, they all boil down to few obvious but effective secrets.


Show off your confidence

 Everything begins with your confidence. No one will like you unless you believe that you are likeable. Confidence means knowing your best features as well as your weak points. You may not be the most beautiful and sexiest woman on earth but this does not matter. Men like girls who are confident with themselves despite their flaws. You may not see the poise but others definitely see it. It is something intangible that no one can take from you.


Give signs that you are available

Whether you will agree on this or not, men are bad in picking signs. You feel that you are already obvious with your actions, but would you believe that they do not see it? If you do not want to be misjudged with your actions and your efforts wasted, give clear signs that you want him. One secret on how to make a guy to like you is to use non-verbal cues and body language to send your hidden message. However, do not be too aggressive since men do not like to see girls who look too frustrated. Besides, you will appear to be a stalker if you overdo this. Subtle moves like frequent eye contact can do the trick.


Be friend him

Now that you have his attention, the next thing to do on to make a guy fall in love with you is to befriend him. Know his interests and talk to him about his hobbies. Give him the feel that you are just around. Hang out with him and do things together over the weekend. Find ways to know your similarities. You can also extend your move to know his family. When he sees that you are investing time with him, he’ll appreciate your efforts.


 Use the power of sense of humor

You know that sense of humor goes a long way. If you love guys who can make you laugh, men like it too. Women who are fun to be with are like magnets that attract men. Use your sense of humor smartly. Know the situations where you can make hilarious comments or do funny things. However, do not overdo it. Otherwise, you will look like a clown instead of a girlfriend material.
These steps do not give results overnight. So do not expect him to get attracted to you after a few days. It may take weeks before your efforts are rewarded. But if you patiently follow the ways on how to make a guy to like you, you will get what you deserve in the end.


Top three paths to a man’s heart

Every woman wants to know the secret to a man’s heart. Why not? If you get to know his most hidden desires, then you may just have one of the most successful relationships and for sure, you can keep him by your side. Men have common secrets but they will not tell them directly to their partners. If you want your man to be faithful to you and stop moving from one nest to another, here are the things that you must consider.


Great looks

 Men are easily attracted by gorgeous women. This is because they are visual beings and they are stimulated with what they see. If you want to keep your man close to you, improve your physical appearance. Do not be too confident that he will not leave you just because you are now steadily dating. Men will find a reason to stray away if you look like his mother or grandmother in a shabby look. Instead, continue to excite his eyes by looking at your best. Always remember that a presentable woman is the pride of the man. So, make him feel proud.


Great attitude

The next secret to a man’s heart is great attitude. Men may be initially attracted with your looks but your attitude must go with what he sees. Men love women who are sweet, spontaneous and elusive. Be thoughtful and provide him a good company. Take things lightly with the relationship and stop making unreasonable demands. You must also have a life of your own. Even when you have committed to him, you must still find time to cultivate your talents and hobbies. In short, he may be your whole life but you must still be connected with your friends and family. Let him miss you once in a while. This will provide mystery in your relationship and you will be glad that he never gets bored with you.


Great sex

  One of the most neglected ways to a man’s heart is to give him your best performance in bed. It is true that your looks and attitude matter but if you fail to satisfy him during your sexual contact, he will still go astray. If you are the shy type, you have to overcome this during your intimate moment. Be wild and be a different person if needed. Do not be afraid to let loose and have fun. He will be happy about your transformation especially once you target his pleasure. Targeting your man’s heart should not be too difficult. You only have to remember to be at your best inside and out. With these tips in mind, you have all the reasons why he will go crazy about you.

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