Naomi Biden: sparkling, seductive and in love, Joe Biden’s granddaughter is a big Instagram fan.


Naomi Biden: sparkling, seductive and in love, Joe Biden’s granddaughter is a big Instagram fan.

On her Instagram account, Naomi Biden shares her daily life with her 92,000 subscribers. As radiant as she is sparkling, Joe Biden’s granddaughter immortalizes every moment of her life.

It’s official! Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. His victory in the U.S. presidential election, the 77-year-old Democratic candidate celebrates it with his family. His granddaughter Naomi, moreover, revealed a moving cliché on his Twitter account, this Saturday, November 7. On it, the former vice-president of Barack Obama embraces his family. He is the only one to take a look at the lens, with a proud look on his face. Since its publication, retweeted more than 45,000 times, many people have been interested in the one who shared this moment of joy.

On Instagram, Naomi Biden shares her daily life with photos of herself, her friends, her family, but also the one she loves. The 26-year-old Columbia law student has 92,000 subscribers. The woman who has always remained an unshakeable figure at her grandfather’s side is a real success. Her secret lies in her childlike face, her luminous smile and her natural aura. The granddaughter of the winner of the American elections is not trying to build an image for herself, and it shows. So under each of her publications, compliments rain down. Especially when the young woman unveils unpublished clichés of the next president of the United States. Alone at her side or with other members of the family, their complicity is obvious. Or when she shows up with her boyfriend, a certain Peter Neal, with whom she seems madly in love.

Nothing escapes her

Naomi Biden played an important role in the president-elect’s campaign. The woman named after her late aunt, who died in a tragic car accident with the Democratic candidate’s first wife, has always walked in her footsteps. When Joe Biden was vice president of Barack Obama from 2009 to 2017, the student accompanied him on his international travels. On January 18, 2016, the young woman stood beside him in mid-flight with a noise-canceling headset over her ears. “Ground control for Major Tom,” she wrote in the caption of her publication. Always ready to draw her phone to immortalize moments in life, Finnegan’s more discreet older sister had also shared a photo of her grandfather and Michelle Obama’s husband. “Beyond politics, I think we all agree that those two were much cooler,” she said, nostalgic for the 44th U.S. president’s term in office.

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