In the face of American sanctions, Huawei says he was hit but not sunk.


In the face of American sanctions, Huawei says he was hit but not sunk.

Technology: The president of Huawei, Guo Ping, took advantage of the opening of the annual conference of the Chinese giant to call on the United States to lift its sanctions… while saying he was ready to resist pressure from the Trump administration.

For Huawei, the goal is now “survival”. Faced with a de facto embargo imposed by Washington, the Chinese manufacturer intends to resist, as its president Guo Ping said during his opening speech at the annual conference of the Shenzhen-based firm, Connect 2020. “Huawei is in a difficult situation these days. The non-stop aggression has put us under a lot of pressure,” he acknowledges, although he intends to strengthen the Chinese giant’s supply chain despite the “great pressure” it is under and the American “attacks”.

The rotating president of Huawei did not do so in the language of wood, by condemning the embargo imposed by the American administration, whose impact is still being evaluated. “For the moment, the objective is survival,” he conceded. “The United States has constantly attacked us, and they have modified their laws for the third time, which has posed great challenges to our production and our activities,” he accused, speaking to the media present at the manufacturer’s annual high mass.

After having already imposed various sanctions on Huawei, Washington went back on the record last August, extending its restrictions on the Chinese technology giant to prohibit it from buying chips made by foreign manufacturers using U.S. technology. U.S. authorities also added 38 other Huawei subsidiaries to the list of entities, including Huawei Cloud France. Far from stopping there, the United States has also banned American companies from buying, installing or using telecommunications equipment made abroad, particularly in China, citing fears of cyber-spying.

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