Create Your Own Goals to Works Towards Achieving Them

 Create Your Own Goals to Works Towards Achieving Them

“An ounce of emotion is equal to a ton of facts.”
– John Junor

Picture a large movie projector… the type you would expect to see in the projector room of a large movie theatre. We can liken this movie projector to your nervous system. Through it streams a type of film that contains both “images” and “audio tracks.” The images can be paralleled to your imagination and audio tracks to your beliefs. If, for some reason, movie theatre operators decided to power their projectors with mere five watt projection lamps and puny amplifiers for sound, the chances are that the images on the film would fail to make even a faint impression on the silver screen, while the audio component would also be lost. By installing appropriate super-bright projection lamps and quality amplifiers to drive the sound, images are displayed in stunning, sharply focused, vivid colour, while the magnificence of digital surround sound is also experienced. In a similar way, your emotions, used correctly, will bring sharper images to your imagination and greater amplification to your beliefs. As you sense the warmth of achieving each of your goals in advance, you will set a force in motion – a seed planted whose fruit cannot be denied.

The Emotions of Achievement

Imagine you have already achieved each of your goals one at a time. As you see yourself in your moment of victory, write a sentence that captures the emotion of achieving each of them. How do you feel? Stop and ponder, feel the emotion and then record it.

Let’s suppose your physical goal is “I want to weigh 65 kilograms”. Close your eyes, relax, project your mind into the future and ask yourself, “How do I feel upon my achievement of this goal?” You may write, “I feel increased energy and self-respect.” Whatever it is you feel as your emotions touch the future, capture the thrill by writing it down. Powerful emotions can also provide a reference point upon which you can set anchor. By sensing emotional pleasure you will begin to fire up the goal-seeking apparatus of your kinaesthetic mid-brain.
Write a sentence that best describes how you feel upon the achievement of each of the goals you’ve set.
You now have the tools for empowerment in place – mental imagery, appropriate self-talk or success statements and positive emotions.
To redirect your nervous system with this new mental software, follow this procedure: Just before sleep at night or at the moment you awake in the morning, select your first goal.

1. See yourself in your mind’s eye having accomplished this goal for a few seconds.

2. Affirm your corresponding affirmations quietly two or three times.

3. Feel the emotion of accomplishment for a few seconds.

Wait a few seconds, stay relaxed and then move to goal number two and so on down the line. I will apply the procedure to a physical weight goal as an example. First, while relaxed, picture yourself in your imagination (right brain) in your moment of victory, at your ideal weight, with that new body from head to toe in vivid detail (perhaps recalling the snapshot from your goal board). Next, introduce the left-brain self-talk affirmation that confirms your success accomplishment – which, in my case, was “I weigh 82 kilograms.” Repeat this a few times softly. Finally, feel the mid-brain emotions you described in writing as you sense the accomplishment of each goal. That’s the entire process!

Approximately 30 seconds per goal, around 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night, is all that is required to allow this new constructive and supportive software to impregnate your mind. At night, as you drift off to sleep, your nervous system is free to meditate on the “how to” all night long! Do you know that it never sleeps? Even while you’re asleep it tends to expand upon the last conscious thoughts you’ve meditated on! Sadly, many people spend 30 minutes, even an hour, each night re-experiencing and dwelling upon all the bad things that happened over the day and on all their shortcomings. Others toss and turn, worrying about whether or not they can pay their bills. Some are filled with fear as to whether or not they can make that important speech in the morning. Regrettably, this practically warrants that they are going to suffer in an adverse way due to the law of sowing and reaping and the wonder-working power of the mind.

If you commit to using your twilight moments to simulate your goals and focus on what you do want, you can condition yourself to sleep in peace and wake in joy! Rest assured, as you voluntarily sow your seeds of choice prior to sleep using the above procedure, you sow (when you’re most receptive) not worry, doubt or fear but rather positive seeds that will create inner security, peace and the “how to”s to achieve.

This process, Empowerment, allows you to communicate your desired outcomes to your nervous system in the most powerful way known. It locks the new coordinates into your goal-striving mechanism multi-dimensionally. Through it you will have your goals because they will have you.
Some people feel this procedure is a form of brainwashing. Allow me to remind you, you have been using these techniques all your life. Take a look at your current conditions, your standard of living, your quality of life and then compare this harvest with how you have wilfully, or without your awareness, been using your mind. You’ll realise the seeds you have sown and the fruit you have reaped are one and the same. From the very day you were born you have been using these principles either to your advantage or to your demise. I’m asking you now, “Are you the master or the slave of this process”? Consider the matinees you’ve been screening, your non-stop self-talk statements, your habitual emotions and realise you are the director of the big picture called you. The good news is the credits haven’t rolled up yet. There’s still time to create the great finish you desire.


“A wise man will be Master of His Mind. A Fool will be its Slave.”
– Publilius Syrus

Empowerment sits you at the keyboard of the most sophisticated biocomputer in the world – the 1.4 kilograms of uncharted universe that resides between your ears. You, as the computer programmer, choose and have always chosen, through your power of choice, what programs you install. It’s up to you; the only person with absolute control over what reaches your nervous system, to program it correctly. Therefore, stand guard at the gate of your mind. Refuse to admit destructive seeds and nurture only the thought impulses, pictures and emotions that will make your mission possible.
By utilising such tools, you will shift your goals from mere words on paper to where they’ll be indelibly engraved upon your heart, where they can begin to direct your actions. Through the application of this process, you will generate sufficient thrust to take you towards your desired destination.

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