Amazing Sex Techniques to Become the Best She Has Ever Had

 Amazing Sex Techniques to Become the Best She Has Ever Had


Amazing Sex Techniques to Become the Best She Has Ever Had

Men are always being fed sex advice that sometimes, doesn’t always pertain to exactly what women want. Of course, sometimes women do crave sex that is a little rougher than normal and they do want to explore and experiment with the kinkier side of sex. However, more often than not, women don’t want that kind of intimacy. They want something slower. They want something more sensual. They want you to make passionate love to them and that is what you need to learn how to do.

It can be a real challenge for men to learn how to tone things way down in the bedroom. By nature, men are savages and they are rough when it comes to all sorts of things, sex being one of them. That makes it hard for them to flip the switch and to get in touch with their softer side and that is the side women long for. If you really want to be the best lover that she has ever had, then you definitely need to learn how to slow things down and make love.

 All women want a love scene that is straight out of the movies. They watch numerous movies and television programs that all depict such intense and passionate scenes where two people couldn’t be more in love. They want to experience that too and it is up to you to do so. In order to make that happen, you might need a little help.

If you want to learn how to make passionate love to her, then you are definitely going to need to learn these amazing sex techniques to become the best she has ever had. You can blow those other guys in her past completely out of the water by giving her the intimacy that she truly craves.
 The first sex technique is to learn how to pace things right. When you are making love to a woman, you really want to savor and extend every moment to make every moment its own personal event. For example, try setting the tone early on in the day. Send her a text message detailing how much you love her, or better yet, send her flowers at work. Romance is massive for women and by showing your romantic side, you will set the tone for a slow and seductive evening.

When you two are planning to become intimate, don’t rush it. Set the mood for the evening as this is huge. Cook her dinner and light candles everywhere. Candles are huge for women and this type of lighting setup will drive her wild. It will certainly get her heart fluttering and make her feel loved. Eat a light dinner, as women don’t want to feel full for the main event.

The second technique is to kiss passionately and a lot. The usual foreplay techniques might go out the window here as you want to focus on things in a very macro sense. You want to kiss her lips and attempt to give her everything you have with just your lips and tongue. Kissing is huge with lovemaking, so keep this in mind. Then, try tracing your fingertips all over her body, really gently and slowly. If you can get her to shake beneath your touch, you are doing something right.

The third technique is to make tons of eye contact and to use a special trick. You want to look at her in the eyes and smile at her while this is going on. You will want to look her in the eyes and then kiss her hard. For the special trick, you will want to stop what you are doing, look her dead in the eyes and tell her how beautiful you think she is. This is the moment that all women are looking for when it comes to lovemaking. Give her a memorable moment during the session and it will send her to the stars and back.

By following these slow and seductive sex tips, you will easily blow her away in the bedroom and make an intense sexual connection with her. You don’t always have to have crazy sex sessions together and you might find too that sometimes, you just want to make love.

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