“This is America” (J-11): Joe Biden threatened with death, Russia returns to the campaign and frightened voters

“This is America” (J-11): Joe Biden threatened with death, Russia returns to the campaign and frightened voters

This Friday, we focus on the death threats concerning Joe Biden, suspicions of Russian interference (again), and slightly traumatized Florida voters.

In the line of fire

Violence is coming into the countryside. Several facts reported in the American press suggest that the closer the election gets, the more “heated” people’s minds become. A 19-year-old man who had threatened to kill Joe Biden on social networks several months ago was apparently trying to assassinate him.

According to investigators, he had not only acquired an AR-15 rifle (well known to mass killers in the United States) but had also researched his address and night vision goggles. When he was arrested in North Carolina in May, police made other discoveries in his van, Ali Baba’s sociopathic cave: four rifles, a 9mm pistol, explosives, and a manual for making a bomb as well as 500. 000 dollars that he would have inherited. Since he is also facing charges of possession of child pornography images, he is not expected to regain his freedom before the November 3 elections.

A second man was taken into custody after he dropped off a letter threatening the two Democratic running mate with death at the home of a neighbor who expressed support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. “I was overwhelmed by the political situation,” said the 42-year-old Maryland man. According to the Secret Service, which is responsible for the security of the U.S. president and presidential candidates, he said in his letter that “Grandpa Biden” and Kamala Harris would both be attacked and executed. For its part, the Secret service said it takes all threats seriously.

Hacking from the cold

The spectre of Russia still hovers over the presidential election. While the director of yank intelligence on Wed evening defendant Russia and Asian country( Iran) of getting got their hands on the information of bound yankee voters, it is Russia that seems to be the most worrying on the other side of the Atlantic. Official sources told the American press that the homeland of Vladimir Putin would have the project of hacking into American sites related to the campaign. The FBI and the various U.S. homeland security services fear an intensification of these attempts in the final stretch before November 3, but also after, if the results are not known soon or if they are very tight. According to those sources, the goal would be to favor Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, U.S. security services had announced that Russian hackers had attempted to hack dozens of federal and local networks in September and elsewhere. Some of the targets would be linked to the November 3 vote. So far, there is no indication that these hacking attempts have made any difference, but the services are concerned about what might happen after the election date.

In 2016, U.S. intelligence had made public its suspicions of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election (you’ve heard a lot about Russiagate over 20 Minutes) and collusion between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign team. Will the year 2020 be no exception?

I’ll be watching you

The dirty atmosphere in Florida. Voters at a polling station in St. Petersburg were pleasantly surprised to see 2 armed men dressed as security guards. These two individuals reportedly stated that they had been hired by Donald Trump’s campaign to ensure the security of the polling station. Verification is done, no one had hired them. The police announced that patrols will now monitor five polling stations in the region, in case these men (or others) return.

This story comes after the U.S. president called during the first debate for all his constituents to go to the polls to monitor what was going on. Donald Trump is expected this Friday in a meeting in the Sunshine State.

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