Victoria Beckham will celebrate virtual birthday on social media

Victoria Beckham will have a virtual birthday celebration on social media

By handing the reigns over for her account to some DJ, victoria Beckham is set to have a celebration of her 46th birthday on social media.

On Friday, DJ Fat Tony has been set to engage in a selection of her songs on Instagram are living. The former Spice Girls star said she’d given her” that the very best birthday present” and encouraged her followers to”turn the music up and have a dancing” at the house.

She said that she had requested her family members and close friends rather than giving her presents to contribute. She composed: “they offer a lifeline for kiddies concealed from view while in the coronavirus catastrophe, and even more threat today out of abuse, abuse, neglect hunger.” The tunes will be streamed from Beckham’s accounts at 8 pm. The Beckhams, such as David and children Romeo, both Cruz, and Harper, are currently isolating in the family home in the Cotswolds. The couple’s eldest child, Brooklyn, is in the USA with Lady Nicola Peltz.

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